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Volksbund international youth work: What is it about?

Our youth work aims at promoting the reflection of history and a peaceful living together in a diverse society. Young people discover a certain historical or political topic in an international group. They discuss their topic in workshops, get to know each other and reflect on cultural differences and common values.

They visit war grave cemeteries and other places of remembrance to learn more about the European past in the 20th century with a focus on both World Wars. In some projects, the participants work on the gravesites to support their maintenance.The groups experience community, do excursions and funny free time activities.

We are especially looking for participants from outside Germany for the following projects:

Footprints in the Mountains: Tracing History from the Dolomites to Slovenia

July 12-26, 2024

16-25 years of age

Deadline for application: 05/12/24

Liberté - Freedom - Freiheit: Normandie international

August 5-16, 2024

16-20 years of age

Deadline for application: 05/31/24

Horizons of Remembrance – a peacework project in Czech Republic

August 15-26, 2024

18-30 years of age

Deadline for application: 05/31/24

Several international youth camps in Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Flensburg, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Meißen, Munich, Sandbostel)

11-14 days between July 15 and August 24, 2024

Deadline for application: 05/31/2024

Also take a look here for more info:

Volksbund International Youth Camps 2024
PDF herunterladen • 9.88MB

For more details, price and travel information please check the website


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