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Through Historical Humaneness Back To Freedom

In cooperation with the German War Graves Commission (Volksbund) we would like to invite you to participate in an exciting project for young people in Latvia from 19th to 31st July 2024. Young people in Estonia and Lithuania between 17 and 27 years of age are invited to apply! The deadline is Monday 15th April.


Come with us to Riga and walk the Baltic Way together with young people from the Baltic states and Germany, tracing the path that made liberation from the Iron Curtain possible for the whole of Europe.


We will explore the chequered fate of Latvia, from the seminal catastrophe of the Hitler Stalin-Pact, the Red Army which buried the short-lived independent Latvia, to their so-called deliverance by German occupying forces. From there to the long reign of the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic and all the way to the free democracy of Latvia today.

We will work together on war cemeteries and visit museums where we will be confronted by the instruments of repression implemented by totalitarian regimes, and by the massive forced deportations from the Baltic States to Siberia.


There will be no lack of fun and adventure despite the serious theme of our camp. Latvia's amazing landscape begs discovery and a day on the Baltic Sea is on the books! The first half of our camp will be spent in wooden houses in the countryside before we move to the heart of the lively metropolis Riga. Baltic hospitality welcomes us with dancing and music, and a camp fire under a starry sky. And the freedom to explore, too!


If you have any questions please contact Viktória Blahó at


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