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In the world of Zoom, across Baltic and German borders

Thursday 26th of January 27, 2023

Workshop participants for our first workshop

As a new year begins, humanity has established a habit of setting new goals and thinking about the following achievements in life. One can also call this habit “New Year’s Resolutions”. But how do we set goals? What is the most efficient way? These questions seem to gain relevance, especially looking at another habit in society: productivity. So, how do we manage to set goals while using our limited time productively?

Since the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network is no different from humanity, we also wrote some resolutions for 2023. One of them was to kick-start our workshop series “XChange”. The format takes place every other month and tackles different issues in youth work which we try to solve digitally and with the help of an expert or coach.

For organizing our first workshop, we soon encountered a contradiction between time management and our ambitious goals. That was the birth hour for our first workshop topic. On the 26th of January, organizations from all three Baltic states and Germany tackled, together with the excellent coach Liis Tamman, the issue of “Time management and how to set goals”. Within two hours, we learned to actively listen to one another while only asking open-ended questions. Furthermore, one was confronted with the complexity of recognizing at what point a problem really constitutes a problem.

In our fast world, one frequently gets overwhelmed with all the new information, being dragged into a whirlwind of chaos. Liis Tamman helped to organize our thoughts and emotions and take a step back from the daily tumult.

Therefore, the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network would like to thank Liis for guiding us and helping us to kick-start our workshops. The next one will be in March. So, hold your eyes open for new information.

If you have any ideas for our workshops and what we could tackle next, write to us:

If you have any more questions for Liis Tamman,

You can contact her here: Signicha – Sign up for Your change!

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