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The German-Baltic Conference 2023, scheduled in Tartu, Estonia, is poised to address the theme of "Sustainable communication and media usage in international youth work". Before the conference, the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network (GBYEN) met in Lüneburg to plan and organize the event.

The conference will focus on two central topics:

  1. Developing a Youth Organization's Image: Participants will explore strategies for creating a comprehensive and appealing image for youth organizations.

  2. Media Usage in Youth Organizations: Delving into practical media usage for youth organizations, the conference aims to equip them with helpful communication tools.

Participants will work in smaller groups during the conference to delve into these themes, create digital guidelines, and foster effective communication methods. The objective is to empower youth organizations and promote positive change for youth and the environment.


The conference will occur at the Tartu University Library, with participants staying at the Hotel "Tartu".


Registration links for the conference and travel arrangements are provided, and participants are encouraged to complete the necessary forms:

  • Attending:

  • Accommodation/ travel arrangements:

The conference will cover participation, hotel, meals, and 200€ for travel expenses. Participants must provide proof of costs.

A participation fee applies: 40€ for Baltic States and 80€ for Germany.


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