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11.-14.04.2024 \ GBYEN Meeting Lüneburg 2024

The GBYEN Meeting is in Lüneburg and serves to prepare for our big German-Baltic Conference in Vilnius 2024. As of this year, we have the vast topic “Empowering Youth Through AI: Unleashing Potential, Inspiring Futures”.

To tackle this issue from different angles, we put together three themes:
1. AI in Education
2. Responsible AI Development
3. AI and Intellectual Property

At the GBYEN Meeting in Lüneburg, we will introduce you to all the themes, and you will have the chance to work on one of the themes further in smaller groups. With the help of your input, we will get a glimpse of what we could talk about at the German-Baltic Conference. Therefore, the goal of the GBYEN Meeting is to have a preliminary program for our conference, put together by your ideas and wishes.

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