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Countless initiatives and organizations from very different areas are involved in youth exchange between the Baltic States and Germany. This was shown at the first German-Baltic Conference “Building bridges”, July 2nd to 4th 2019 in Riga.

The conference also showed that most players act on their own or within small networks of partners. The conference 2019 was the first big attempt to make the variety of German-Baltic Youth Exchange visible, bringing the organizations and institutions in contact to share information and experience.

Following the Conference the German-Baltic Youth Office (DBJW) decided to create the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network (GBYEN) as a service for anyone, organizing or supporting youth exchange between the Baltic States and Germany.

As a central platform on the internet, the GBYEN offers its members a place to present themselves with:

-      their individual portrait

-      announcements of upcoming projects

-      blogposts reporting events and projects or honoring staff                     members or supporters

And of course: To be found by people and organizations looking for youth exchange or new partners or get in contact with each other to share experiences.

The GBYEN – your network for German-Baltic Youth Exchange – full service free of charge!



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