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The German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network GBYEN brings together German and Baltic organisations and institutions that promote youth exchange between their respective countries and within Europe. GBYEN acts as a central knowledge platform and support center that strengthens cooperation between its members and develops their expertise, skills and societal outreach in international youth work. It achieves this through exchange formats that enable sharing of knowledge, best practice and policy advice between actors of civil society, politics, administration and education both on a national and transnational level – in the understanding of the European scope of youth exchange activities. 


As a network of actors, GBYEN fosters active participation, knowledge transfer and sustainable cooperation among member organisations and institutions. Strengthening participative societal values and ensuring European cohesion and peace for generations to come calls for an open-minded and forward-looking approach to future challenges of Europe and how young generations will shape it. GBYEN aims to address these challenges and enable actors from civil society, politics, administration and education to adapt to changing needs, but also opportunities, within the field of youth exchange.

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