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The eagerly awaited podcast episode featuring the Women’s Union of Lviv Region (“Спілка жінок Львівщини“) offers an in-depth interview with Bohdanna Duma, chief coordinator of the organisation and head of its youth department “Youth Ukrainian Changes” (YUC). Listeners can expect an engaging interview, that explores the union’s mission, goals, and the impact it has had on the lives of women in the region.

Before delving into the podcast episode, let’s take a moment to understand the organization at the heart of this conversation. The Women’s Union of Lviv Region is a dynamic and influential organization dedicated to advancing the rights and opportunities of women in Lviv, its surrounding areas and across Ukraine. Comprising a diverse group of passionate individuals, the union tirelessly tackles issues such as gender equality, women’s health, education and, notably, peace-making, a vital aspect of their current efforts.

In a world where female equality and peace in Ukraine remains a work in progress, this podcast episode serves as a poigant reminder, that positive change is possible when dedicated individuals unite to make a difference.

The release of this podcast episode is a momentous occasion, that promises to bring the remarkable efforts of the Women’s Union of Lviv Region to the forefront. Let their stories resonate as a beacon of hope and inspiration for us all, propelling us forward towards a more equitable and peaceful future.

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