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Deutschbaltischer Jugend- und Studentenring e.V.



Friederike von Gropper
Herdweg 79
DE-64285 Darmstadt


The Deutschbaltischer Jugend- und Studentenring e.V. (shortcut: DbJuStR) is a youth organisation existing since 1949. We try to keep the cultural heritage of the German-Baltics and pass it on to the next generation. We do that by organising several seminars, meetings and social events throughout the year dealing with different topics. In our “Schwerpunkttreffen (SPT)” we talk about one contemporary issue. We invite speekers who are specialists in tese issues. In addition, our members usually present their point of view and experiences regarding the issue as well. Themes we talk about and discuss are for example political issues like freedom of the press, cultural issues like folk-dances or issues around sports. We meet in different cities all around Germany, like Hamburg, Lüneburg, Darmstadt, Bonn and Mannheim. If and when it seems appropriate, we also go abroad. In the past meetings took place in the Baltic states, in Russia or Canada. Usually the meetings last one weekend. But in summertime or at New Year´s Eve the event can last a week or even more. A highlight in recent years was for example the trip to Riga over New-Year’s-eve allowing us to participate in the wonderful festivities with the fantastic fireworks illuminating the Duna. Our programs address young people between approximately 14 and 30 years from Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.
Once a year we publish a little booklet called “Info” summarizing reports and stories as well as many photos of our events. If you would like to receive the Info, just send as an email.






Field of Acticvity:

Political education, Student exchange, Dancing, Political education

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