Carl-Schirren-Gesellschaft e.V. – Das Deutsch-Baltische Kulturwerk



Felicitas Wende
Am Berge 35
DE-22335 Lüneburg

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The German-Baltic Cultural Association consists of Carl-Schirren-Gesellschaft (CSG) and German-Baltic Cultural Foundation (DKS). Its objective is the collection, conservation, and communication of the Baltic-German cultural heritage. For this purpose it cooperates closely with academic institutions, cultural and youth organizations in Germany, and especially in the former home countries of the Baltic Germans: Estonia and Latvia.
The German-Baltic Cultural Association has founded the Deutschbaltische Studienstiftung (Baltic German Academic Foundation) and supports its development to the Deutsch-Baltisches Jugendwerk (German Baltic Youth Office, DBJW). Together they are committed to international understanding based on the ideas of the Enlightenment.
For centuries Baltic Germans lived in the areas of what are now Estonia and Latvia. As consequence of the Hitler-Stalin-Treaty 1939 their homelands fell into the Soviet Union’s sphere of interest. Nearly all Baltic Germans participated in the so called “Umsiedlung” and were “resettled” in the German-occupied parts of Poland, mainly in and around Poznan. At the end of the war they fled westwards. After the war, Lüneburg became one of the main centers of the Baltic Germans in West Germany and still is.






Field of Acticvity:

Music, Cultural Heritage, Dancing, Political education